Innopharm 1

Innopharm 1, a dream visualized in Sep 2014, with the efforts towards addresal of innovation and future prospects in pharmaceuticals and health sciences and conceptualized in Oct 2015 upon the organization of an international conference on Novel Frontiers in Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences under the aegis of Innovare Academic Sciences. It was envisioned to provide a platform for discussing discoveries, trends and future directions in front of and for scientific community across the globe.

Innovare academic sciences has been involved in serving science and innovation from last 7 years with 15 journals publishing quality research and creating a platform for dissipating ideas of researchers through publications. Through several of discussions between the editors, caretaker of journals, core committee members of Innopharm1 and several of our scientists from across the world, Innopharm 1 was scheduled on 11-12 Oct 2015.

As per expectations, we greeted a great response from all our respected researchers, academician, industrialist, scientists for Innopharm1. Participation from 12+ countries and 18+ states of our own country was what we assume a tremendous response for the first step – Innopharm 1. Participation of 339+ participants, 40+ scientists, 20+ speakers, 25+ resource persons was the strength of Innopharm1. The huge response, do impacted on time constraints as the conference was of 2 days only and time requirement exceeded owing to quality participation from all corners. We did compromised on the irrelevant event and tried to focus and enable scientific discussions at supreme even over our comfort zone.

There was four plenary sessions, two for each day, with eminent speakers and scientists Prof S. P. Vyas, Prof Choudhury Mahmood Hasan, Prof Wong Tin Wui and Prof Raghvendra Gumastha paving the directions as per the theme. Bringing such reputed scientist at one platform, for discussing science, information and potentials is a great achievement attained. There were four parallel sessions on each day where quality works were presented along with massive poster session. Session speakers Dr. Polori K L, Dr. Azat Mukhametov, Dr. Rakesh Ranjan, Dr. Majid Asadi Samani, Dr. Ahmad Nazrun Shuid, Dr. Kapil Khatri, Dr. Payam Peymani, Dr. Vijay Kothari, Dr. Lokesh Deb, Dr. Rajendra Singh Rajpoot, Dr. Khim Phin Chong, Dr. Puneet Gandhi, Dr. Maushmi S. Kumar, Dr. Barkat Ali Khan, Dr. Surendra Jain elaborated on their research and helped participants enhance their knowledge and understanding of novel innovations in the field.

The cultural eve of 11 Oct 2015 paved the way of artists among the scientists. Plenty of the performances were by the participants themselves. A scientific platform that witnessed cultural events of around the globe was something unexpected and unscheduled. Lastly, the folk dance by professional’s performers enlightens the evening with the joy and happiness.

The schedule was so planned to maximize the learning and realization of novel concepts by the attendees. The poster session on day one which witnesses 53 scientific presentations and on day 2 the participation was 59. A good mix of oral and poster sessions surely would have helped the attendees to crave future prospects. Path setting presentations by participants were appreciated and top three presentations in each category were awarded with a memento to keep the memory of the event. Similarly outstanding posters in each category were awarded memento and certificates of appreciations.

The conference ended on a positive note with a promise from the organizers for a gigantic event “INNOPHARM2” to explore, promote science and keep participants abreast with innovations.

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